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Whether you need support in setting up your online infrastructure, the architecture of your application could use a refresher or you simply have a shortage of developers; we are happy to support companies with our knowledge, expertise and consultancy.

Knowledge and skills

The first thing we bring to our customers is knowledge of technology. We know exactly which things are technically possible and how to keep software future-proof. We know what is easy to implement and which things are more difficult. Thanks to our extensive experience with DevOps, we focus precisely on that area that brings us the best possibilities, whether that is the architecture of the application or the online infrastructure of the servers. In addition, we have customers in many different sectors. As a result, we bring knowledge from other sectors to all of our partners. So in addition to working on code, we like to add a bit of consultancy. We like to go further than just the technology and we also like to think along with the business component of a company.

The flexibility of outsourcing

By hiring an agency like 10KB, you guarantee a number of advantages. We put several people on the job, sometimes for more hours in the month, sometimes for fewer hours in the month. The big advantage is that the knowledge is always preserved and there is always someone who can intervene quickly if necessary. This is advantageous, for example, when an external API changes its software. We can act on it quickly, so that the software is always up to date. By dividing the knowledge among several people (and taking on the knowledge transfer internally), our clients are always assured of an application that can be updated monthly and we can take care of support if something goes wrong.

Additional resources in the form of manpower

We are also perfectly capable of delivering extra developer capacity and focus on production. We excel at quickly mastering a large project and can therefore get to work immediately. This has the great advantage for our clients that results can be seen quickly. Many parties keep coming back to us because they are very satisfied with what we deliver, but also with the way we work. We like to communicate clearly about feasibility and we try to think along proactively. So yes, sometimes we are mainly the extra hands at the keyboard, but with clever minds who code exactly at the pace that our partners have in mind.

Our areas of expertise

We are happy to look for the areas of expertise that are underrepresented in your company, so that we can provide a valuable addition. For example, we are specialized in DevOps and we know a lot about the deployment of web applications. Combine that with our experience with performance and we have everything in-house to work together on a high-traffic application (like In addition to experience with increasing the speed of websites and other technical possibilities, we also know which tools are most effective in which situation.

Whitepaper: The challenges of software outsourcing

In the search for a suitable IT partner, you are faced with a mountain of choices. Is it really necessary to outsource the work, or does internal development suit your issue better? How do I find a party with expertise without paying too much? Do I prefer fast programmers or am I looking for quality? And how do you actually assess the quality of a developer? Especially with software that is essential for your business processes, a wrong choice can cause a lot of headache; like extra costs, safety risks and/or quality problems. Picking a reliable developer is therefore not an easy task. We wrote a whitepaper (in Dutch) in which we list different options of software outsourcing. It’s filled with various advantages and disadvantages of all of these options to help you prevent (costly) mistakes. This way you can always make a responsible choice for the outsourcing (or not) of your software project.

Download the do's en don'ts of development outsourcing

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Whether you need support in setting up your online infrastructure, the architecture of your application could use a refresher or you simply have a shortage of developers.