How we like to work

We love our jobs. Not just because it’s fun to develop software, but also because we arranged our working environment in a way we can operate in optima forma. We develop web applications quickly, accurately and effectively.


Flexibility and a solution-oriented approach. That is what SCRUM is all about. In short sprints towards a product that exceeds your wildest expectations.


We divide projects into bite-sized chunks so that we can make timely adjustments so that our customers always know where they stand.

Continuous development

Continuous testing, adjusting and innovation. Combine a flexible organisation with automated systems and there you have it: continuous development.


DTAP stands for ‘develop’, ‘test’, ‘accept’ and ‘produce’: the four stadia you have go through to get reliable and qualitative web applications.

Version control

Always a backup, always an overview, always up to date. How version control makes life a bit easier.