Elixir/Phoenix: fresh but promising

A little bit like us. No, all joking aside; the programming language Elixir and corresponding framework Phoenix don’t exist very long, but grow in popularity. Not without reason, if you ask us.

New but proven

With Elixir you’ve got the best of two worlds. The reliability and scalability of Erlang, and the elegancy, developer happiness and productivity of Ruby. Elixir is quite similar to Ruby, for example in the aim of writing comprehensible and elegant code. These similarities are no surprise when you consider that one of the founders of Elixir participated in the creation of Ruby on Rails. The major difference between Elixir and Ruby is that Elixir, unlike Ruby, is a functional language.


Elixir is often mentioned in one breath with Phoenix. Logically, because Phoenix is the framework that makes programming with Elixir even more fun. Phoenix resemblances Rails, only is Phoenix is faster, more expressive and functional, of which the latter makes sure that bugs are noticed in an early stadium. What more do you want? Well, what about better concurrency and less memory utilization? On these aspects Elixir/Phoenix scores evidently better than Ruby.

The advantages

As you may have noticed, the pros of Elixir/Phoenix are endless. But for real. When we start talking about this, there is no stopping. Low costs for the upscaling of applications. Writing tests for these applications easily. Good protection against race conditions and bugs. We can go on like this for hours, but maybe all you think is: ‘Very nice, boys, but what do I have to do with this?’

The possibilities

Elixir/Phoenix enables us to build software that can deal with a lot of traffic. The communication with external systems is much smoother. And do you want real time applications in your product, like chats, live data or games? Then Elixir/Phoenix is what you need. Is Elixir/Phoenix the answer to all questions? Nope. If you want to reach a prototype of your product in a short amount of time, we recommend other frameworks. Frameworks with more ready-made packages to guarantee a first version in short notice.