Brainstud: An advanced E-Learning environment with lightning speed

Some companies know exactly what they want and what it should look like. We know how to implement that into an interactive E-Learning platform that’s easily expandable.

  • Platform
  • Portal
  • React
  • Typescript
  • Node.js
  • Ronald
  • Roland
  • Robin

Ronald, Roland and Robin worked on this project

The company Brainstud understands dynamic training. They design, develop and implement online learning programs for various clients. Clients like other organisations, but also trainers and educational institutions. Brainstud has its own team of developers in-house, whom we support with our expertise.

Plenty of knowledge in-house

Brainstud has developed an extensive CMS for the backend. All different educational programs can be set up there. For example, an educator simply adds a new subject, containing different chapters. Those chapters consist of text, images, videos, widgets, questions and even exams. Extremely versatile content, in which a lot of interaction is possible.

Our expertise adds value

When it comes to interaction, the speed of your application becomes important. For example, imagine that you have to drag a question in the correct order, but you have to wait 10 seconds every time you change that order for the page to reload. Obviously your end user will quit on you in no time. Brainstud called us to make that frontend feel as smooth as possible for the users. With the help of React we have built a system that is as dynamic as possible, without compromising on ease of use.

Benefits of React for this project:

  • The web application is fast and efficient
  • Many possibilities for interactivity
  • Framework is scalable
  • It is relatively easy to quickly add new or additional frontends