Added value as a permanent IT partner

If your business is growing rapidly, you'll sometimes run out of in-house developers. Here's how we add manpower and also bring a lot of expertise.

  • AWS
  • DevOps
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Typescript
  • Vue.js
  • E-commerce
  • GraphQL
  • Bauke
  • Ewout
  • Roland
  • Robin

Bauke, Ewout, Roland and Robin worked on this project

The Dutch FinTech company sells branded payments. Think of calling credit, prepaid credit cards, gift cards, gaming credits, name it and Recharge has an option for it. They do this in 150 different countries with all kinds of different payment methods. When we started working with them, they had 30 employees and now that has grown to more than 100 people. That’s a big scale-up!

Barriers to Growth

When you grow fast, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with your own growth.

At Recharge, scalability is in their DNA. hThink of increasing visitor numbers, payment methods, product range, employees and countries in which they are available. To be able to grow both inside and outside the EU, there had to be support for multiple languages and multiple products. In a search for a way to rapidly scale development capacity (besides hiring freelancers), they wanted to see if they could work with a remote team with just as much affinity for online scalability. Enter 10KB!

Our knowledge and expertise

We looked for the areas of expertise that were underrepresented in-house, so that we know where we can be of most value.

Some of our core qualities are exactly what Recharge needed. For example, we are specialized in DevOps and we know a lot about rolling out web applications. Combine that with our experience in the field of performance and we have everything in-house to work together on a high-traffic application.