At 10KB we are big fans of AWS and for good reasons! But what exactly is AWS and when can it be of added value for your company?

What is AWS?

First things first: AWS short for Amazon Web Services. It is a collection of about 200 cloud services (and more are added every year), with a huge amount of possibilities. Think in the field of AI, machine learning, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). All these services are available on one platform and provide organizations with tools such as database storage and computing capacity. In short: AWS is a web hosting service that ensures that your software performs well everywhere.

When do you use AWS?

Initially, AWS will work as a hosting provider, with an AWS cloud being set up as a remote data center. You choose how much server capacity you need, for how long and what requirements you have for it. You can reserve server space in the cloud with many different providers. Where AWS adds value is with the huge collection of services that support your software with flexibility and stability. Suddenly more website visits? AWS distributes your traffic across multiple servers with load balancing. A piece of software that crashes? AWS forwards traffic to another server so that the end user doesn't notice.

A flexible industry leader

More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use the AWS cloud infrastructure, including giant technology companies such as Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest and Netflix. But also startups see the added value of AWS. Thanks to the flexible principle of 'pay-per-use', you only pay for what you use. As a result, AWS grows with your company and issues like maintaining server performance become trivial. This makes AWS particularly suitable for situations where you want to be able to scale up and down quickly, situations where it is difficult to estimate exactly how much computing power you will need or situations where you have to deal with peak traffic spikes. With millions of active customers worldwide, AWS has the largest and most dynamic ecosystem.

Migrating to AWS

Anyone who expects AWS to be a system with a simple setup that is easily understandable is going to be disappointed. AWS is a complex infrastructure with its own rules and laws that you can easily get lost in. We are happy to help companies with the migration of their infrastructure to AWS. We start with making an inventory of the wishes and expectations so we can arrange everything in such a way that it exactly matches the requirements of your company. Whether you need help designing, programming, migrating or managing applications with AWS; our developers know exactly how.

We highly value the importance of intellectual property and always transfer these rights to our clients. Everything on behalf of the customer, is owned by the customer. That is why the entire infrastructure will always be in the name of your company.


  • Pay-per-use, so you pay exactly for what you use;
  • Easily turn services on or off;
  • Adjusts to your wishes.


  • To take full advantage of the features and services of AWS, you need to know what you're doing. Be prepared to invest in training your developers, or hire someone with experience.
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