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Tailor-made takes time, but we also understand that nobody wants to wait months for custom software. On top of that, you always want to be able to proactively respond to the changing demands of the market, without the need for completely new software. That's why we looked at ways to reduce the time of software development and enable continuous customization without compromising on quality. Agile software development helps us achieve exactly these goals.

What is agile development?

Agile is a collective term for various software development methods. Instead of thinking out a project from A to Z and only then starting it, agile software development opts for dividing a project into short periods of a few weeks. New results are always delivered in these sprints. Collaboration, continuous planning and continuous learning are the main points of attention. It's at odds with methods that try to deliver everything at once at the end.

Agile focuses on keeping the development process lean and creating minimally viable products that go through a number of sprints before something is final. Feedback is continuously collected and implemented and all in all it makes for a much more dynamic process where everyone works together towards one goal.

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Maybe Bauke and Roland work together on your next project!
Maybe Bauke and Roland work together on your next project!

Made for innovation

Knowing exactly what requirements your software must meet in advance is no mean feat. Realizing halfway through a project that there is actually a need for all kinds of different functionalities than you've taken into account may sound like a complete disaster. Fortunately not when you work agile! Because of the premeditation of working in sprints, agile is very suitable for continuous change. In close collaboration with our clients, we look at the functionality of the product at the end of each sprint. Where are the bottlenecks and how can we improve user-friendliness? This way we work in an iterative process towards a web application that sparks joy.

Have your software developed in an agile way?

Flexibility and a solution-oriented approach

A big advantage of this method is that it allows us to anticipate changes. Does something work out differently in practice than we thought beforehand? Do we find a better solution along the way? No problem. SCRUM ensures we notice these things in time and enables us to act on it. In addition, SCRUM provides a well structured and transparent work flow. For every sprint we decide what the priorities are and who is going to take care of what. Everyday we give each other feedback about what we’re doing and how that is going, to make sure we keep moving in the same direction.

Want to go live fast? No problem!

This working method delivers results. And we’re not only talking about a high qualitative endproduct. Since we start working from day one on a functioning web application, we can show you results very early in the proces. Therefore it is an option to work towards an Minimum Viable Product (MVP). A MVP is an online application that obtains all the basic functions of the final product. This allows us to go live with a prototype in a very early stadium. From this first version we can subsequently expand towards a complete application.

What else do we do for a fast time to market?

Taking techniques into account

Surely an efficient working method determines speed, but there are other facets where we can improve. For example, we look at which techniques are most suitable for each project. Are there many 'standard' requirements for a project, or should the software contain a lot of unique functionalities? By making choices in areas such as the use of programming language or framework, we significantly reduce development hours.

Our experience

In our portfolio you'll find plenty of cases where we've added value by developing agile software for our customers. Below you will find two examples that have a few things in common. For example, both companies have to continuously respond to the wishes of the target group and adapt their software accordingly. Our developers support the in-house development teams in an agile manner.

Bigspark is the publisher of a number of major websites in the field of mobile technology, which together generate more than 2 million visitors per month. Nothing is as changeable as the world of mobile technology. New devices follow each other in rapid succession and telephone providers are constantly coming up with new offers to entice potential customers. Thanks to agile software development, all these variable elements can be integrated relatively easily.

iPhoned is the Netherlands' most popular Apple website with a platform where you can compare different iPhone plans and devices.
iPhoned is the Netherlands' most popular Apple website with a platform where you can compare different iPhone plans and devices.

The Dutch FinTech company sells branded payments. Think of calling credit, prepaid credit cards, gift cards, gaming credits, name it and Recharge has an option for it. They do this in 150 different countries with all kinds of different payment methods. Agile development ensures that Recharge adapts relatively easily to the wishes, questions and requirements of their target audience.

The tools in our toolkit

Our developers have extensive experience with the following techniques

All the efficiency of working agile brings you nowhere without the proper knowledge of high-quality development. We like to build good software, that you can be successful with. Online applications that are innovative, without compromising on quality or security. We do this by using those technologies that can meet all the demands of the latest trends.

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