Developing your plans

Quality and user-friendliness. Great frontend to backend development. That’s what it’s all about when we develop software.

The expertise to guarantee quality

To build qualitative software, you have to know what you’re doing. That makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, it’s no exception that reality shows different standards. Without wanting to brag: we know what we’re doing. Not only are we aware of the latest technological possibilities, we also know when Elasticsearch is a useful tool for your application. Or when to use Elixir/Phoenix or Ruby. We know these tools like the back of our hands.

No unnecessary hassle

Experienced as we are, we have made a lot of programing hours. So it’s not just expertise we can offer, we also have a lot of experience in building customized software. We’ve defeated most of the standard problems before and know how to solve these problems best. The basis of your application consists of elements we’ve already worked with before. This means the foundation of your application is built fast and easily. That leaves more time for complex adjustments and fine tuning. Because we work in so many different industries, we can bring that experience to your company. We've seen plenty of others reinvent the wheel so you don't have to!

Put yourself in the shoes of the user

We think it’s important the final product does exactly what it’s meant to do. That’s why we constantly compare the features we’ve built to user stories - these are the requirements of the application from the point of view of the user. This forces us to never lose sight of the user experience. Building functional software is one thing, but we go a step further. We aim at perfect performance as well. You can build the most extraordinary software, but when the user experiences difficulties while navigating through the application, he probably loses interest.

Dynamic process

You don’t want to face unexpected surprises when your application goes live. You just want it to work like it should. We want that too. That why we develop according to the AGILE development method SCRUM. In an iterative process with short sprints, we work towards fast results. At the end of every sprint we look back at what we’ve done. Using your feedback, we plan a new sprint, and so on. With this method, we keep ourselves on point and are able to make adjustments if necessary.

Well begun is half done

When you buy new trousers, you don’t just want to look at them, you want to try them. With software it’s the same: the best way to experience if something is functioning properly, is by testing it. We test this ourselves, of course, and after that you test it yourself in the acceptance phase of the DTAP-street. But in the end, the project is not successful until the user is happy. That’s why we like to work towards a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), that possess all the basic features. This makes it possible to try the product in a very early state. Satisfied? Then we have a solid basis for further development.

Let us develop your web application!

The possibilities of web applications are endless; whether you want to build a knowledge platform for your customers, automate very complex business processes or need planning software. We would love to help you with the realization of your project!