Out of the 1 million most used websites, 35.9% use PHP. With such an overwhelming popularity we must also be a fan of PHP, right?

What is PHP?

PHP stands proudly at the beginning of many developer careers. In combination with HTML you can relatively easy build a simple, dynamic website with this scripting language. Moreover, PHP is used in a large number of popular CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Magento. We view PHP a bit like the Duplo of languages: you can make great buildings with it - which are really very well put together - but once you are used to Lego Technic, Duplo can be quite a disappointment.

When should you opt for PHP?

At 10KB, we will therefore not be so quick to choose PHP for new projects. There are more elegant languages on the market that are a lot more flexible and offer you more options, such as Java, TypeScript or Ruby. If you want a versatile, robust tailor-made web application, it makes more sense to pick another language.

Does everything have to be rewritten?

Just because PHP isn't our preferred language, doesn't mean we don't know our way around it. With the large market share that PHP entails, we often see that existing applications (partly) run on PHP. It would be nonsense to rewrite an entire application just to make a few adjustments. In those cases we're happy to work with what we've got.

Do you have a PHP based application?

Our developers can definitely help you with that! Whether it concerns small adjustments, new features or even the long-term expansion of your development team.