Not your average web developers

We are 10KB, a fresh web development company. We built innovative online applications for several devices.

Developing digital products requires customized solutions. We have all the capacities to fix this for you. Enthusiastic developers. Know-how of the latest technologies. Creativity to find the best solution for any project. And we have the best coffee of Nijmegen.


We’re here for you

Whether it’s about developing a concept or about bringing an existing product to perfection. From design to support and everything in between: you came to the right place. You can hire us as development team as well. So is your development department getting buried? Contact us and you'll never be shorthanded again!

With everything we do, we keep a constant eye on quality and user-friendliness. So no ill fitted ready made systems, but a reliable web application on which you can build your organisation.

We use the latest technologies

Web development is no longer only about fiddling around with HTML. With the growing possibilities of the internet arise new questions. How do you handle loads of data? How do you prevent loss of performance when you’re working with complex systems?

We see these questions as an invitation to improvement. The possibilities that come with new features and enhanced versions of well-known tools, are the things that make developing online software so much fun.

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Projects to be proud of

We don’t back down for a little challenge. Nor for a big one. And that pays off. The past few years we’ve developed several innovative online applicaties to be proud of.

Why? We build customized web software. Web applications that completely fulfill the wishes of the employer, and perhaps even more important, the wishes of the user. And that is what it’s all about.

How we work

We don’t make things unnecessarily complicated, but developing software is serious business. So this is something we handle with care. In a dynamic process and in close cooperation with the employer, we work towards a web application that makes you happy.

Flexibility and quick results contribute to a pleasant process. Besides, you don’t want to wait for years until the online application of your dreams is finally finished. That’s why we work in short sprints and have automated as many processes as possible.

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The team of 10KB

Developing software is something you do together. We at 10KB develop in a small and energetic team. Good quality is our first priority, but a pleasant work environment and building enduring relationships is at least as important.

The key ingredients of our team? Enthusiasm, creativity and flexibility. Complemented with a down-to-earth mentality, we work in a tight ship with a perfect balance between professionalism and fun.