React: User Interface-development

React ensures that your interactive User Interface works seamlessly with a short loading time. A manageable framework with a scalable web application.

Many know more than one

React is an open source JavaScript library. The advantage of this is that thousands of programmers think along about the improvement of React. This keeps it up to date and ensures that issues are resolved quickly. Fun fact: React originated with Facebook. It is now the front-end library of many large internet companies such as Instagram, Netflix, Uber and Pinterest. This technology will therefore not disappear quickly, so you can assure that your application will last for years.

Manageable and secure

We won't bore you with some technical story. The bottom line is that React is based on small modules that can be combined as you see fit. This gives a lot of freedom in building applications. This is not only good for us, but also for you. It ensures that your application is easily developed further by different developers.

Why you'll love React too

As a user, you naturally want to see quick results on the browser side. Fortunately, React is a star in processing dynamic data. For example, it will not try to load modules that are already loaded and it will only look at the changes on a page. This way of working ensures that React sends less data to the browser so more computing power remains. That makes it very efficient!

Know your strengths

React is great if performance, development speed and manageability are essential for your application. However, for some wishes, other techniques are simply better suited. Think of non-web internet applications for example (such as e-mail or chat applications), or anything that scales vertically or requires a lot of traffic. Fortunately, we have other solutions for this, such as Elixir/Phoenix


  • Applications are fast and efficient.
  • Many possibilities for interactivity.
  • Framework is fully scalable.
  • Tests are quick and easy to implement.


  • If you have a static website (without interactive elements) React is completely redundant.
  • With only a single interactive element on a website, React does not necessarily add value. You'll probably get there just as wonderfully by writing a few lines of code yourself with JavaScript, without having to use all of React for that.
  • React is not always SEO-friendly (but we know how to fix that).
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