ElasticSearch: bigdata simplefied

We all together produce more data every day. Of course, you want to find what you’re looking in this sea of information, and you want to find it fast. ElasticSearch makes sure you won’t drown.

Like Google, but differently

ElasticSearch is a search technology that digs effortless and rapidly through big amounts of data. You can compare it with Google, although the possibilities of ElasticSearch differ slightly. For example, with ElasticSearch you can consult data spread over hundreds of servers. Or what about PDF files or data in the cloud? Even when you spell something wrong, the system gives you the right results. Nothing stays hidden with ElasticSearch. There is a huge chance that you have interacted with ElasticSearch in your life before. It is used by big companies like Netflix, Uber, Ebay & Slack.

Searching never went this fast

ElasticSearch is as flexible as the name suggests. Financial transactions, network data, customer data, geographical locations. This search technology knows how to handle almost every kind of data. And it knows how to do this fast, extremely fast. Results appear in real time and filters are applied immediately. As soon as you type the first character, ElasticSearch starts searching directly. With every character and filter you add, your query gets refined rapidly. Before you know it, you’ve found what you were looking for.

Searching and analysing

That’s a great thing, that you find what you’re looking for. But ElasticSearch goes even further. Not only is it possible to search in different ways, it is also possible to filter your results on certain properties or to prioritise your results. Maybe certain properties are more important than others. Or you might want to add a second or third filter on your results. That’s all a piece of cake with ElasticSearch.

Be in charge of your data

We love ElasticSearch. We no longer dream about the most complex search engines; with ElasticSearch we build them. Your web application needs to incorporate an impossibly complicated query system? We bet we can do it. With this smart technology we can offer you a search engine deluxe, that not only delivers results fast and is able to analyse information, but is also capable of discovering patterns and trends in your data. The results are reliable and predictable, the only surprise might be how spotless it works.


  • Super fast.
  • When you add something new to ElasticSearch it is immediately searchable (within 1 second).
  • Helps end user by completing search terms and ignoring typos.


  • Developer must really understand DevOps.
  • ElasticSearch has specific requirements for your server.
Do you want to organize your data with ElasticSearch?

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