Custom API development

You can use an API link to connect and automate various systems and processes.

Tailor-made API integration

Companies often use all kinds of different software to optimize their business processes. You'll have an app for time registration, a website for sending invoices, a separate system that does your accounting and we haven't even mentioned the software that you use for your core business. If all these different tools communicate with each other, this is often more convenient and saves a lot of time. This communication is possible with an API.

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What is an API?

APIs open up a world of innovative solutions

An API integration enables us to link different functionalities together and have them communicate with each other, even if these systems are not written in the same programming language. For example, do you have a webshop, but a separate warehouse management system? An API will easily link these systems together and thus automate all kinds of processes.

Custom API integration?

When do you need an API?

The automation of business processes has become an integral part of our corporate culture. The goal is clear: through automation you reduce the chance of human errors, you save (valuable) time and you increase the possibilities for your company. However, when you have different kinds of software packages - which you have to manually switch between yourself - that goal is less feasible. Especially for companies that are looking for an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, APIs are crucial. An API switches for you, links different processes, so that you can quickly and efficiently work on the growth of your company.

API as an intermediary in custom software

Building with existing blocks

One of the many possibilities of APIs is developing an interface that integrates existing solutions. The big advantage in this is that if you already have an online application, you don't have to throw it in the trash. We are happy to help you optimize what you already have into a successful web application. And does your software currently consist of different systems that function separately from each other? We can ensure that these systems connect seamlessly. This gives you the versatility of various systems, with the user-friendliness of one interface.

API as organizer

Optimization of your software architecture

In addition to being able to link everything together with an API integration, it is also the perfect solution to set up your software architecture as ideally as possible. For example, APIs make it possible to separate the frontend from the backend. APIs are also indispensable in setting up software in microservices, which in short means that you split software into separate functionalities that communicate with each other via an API.

This arrangement of your software has great - positive! - consequences for the sustainability of your web application. Because not everything is interwoven, it is a lot easier to adjust things later or add new functionalities. In addition, development using APIs ensures clear software and an efficient database structure. This results in an application that efficiently and quickly retrieves and processes the required information.

Checklist: Is 10KB the right fit for my API related problem?

To gain insight into whether 10KB will be of added value for your software issue, we have prepared a checklist.

  • My company uses multiple (complex) systems that I would like to link in one clear platform.
  • I am looking for custom ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software or want an addition to my current ERP software.
  • Standard solutions (such as simple connections from a single website to, for example, a sales platform) do not meet my requirements.

If one or more of these points apply to your situation, we could help you out!

Automate processes with an API?

Do you have an online application and are you curious how we can optimize your application with APIs? Or do you want to start right away with a good foundation? Let us know what your plans are so we can discuss the many possibilities!