Rapidly increase development capacity with our experienced software architects

Are you just short of a couple of extra hands on your keyboard? You can always find an extra developer or DevOps specialist. We are happy to explain the advantages of hiring a development team like 10KB! Whether it concerns a large project or support for just a few hours a week.

Just that little bit extra to keep up with your growing business

Even if that growth is greater than the capacity of your current team

Anyone involved in developing custom software knows that this takes a lot of time and energy. Sometimes just a little more than you had planned in advance. How awesome is it that you can hire a team of enthusiastic developers with expertise? Not only do you expand your development capacity in this way, but you also bring in a bit of consultancy. And the great thing is: you are not tied to anything with us. Do you want to continue the further developments internally after a month? Fine! We believe in transparency and creating added value, which you cannot achieve with strangulation contracts.

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The intellectual property of software that we make is and will always be owned by our customers.

Bauke and Roland may soon be working together on your project!
Bauke and Roland may soon be working together on your project!

More capacity, more proficiency, no worries

Hiring an Agile team comes with many advantages. The team you hire is self-managing and consists of developers who are well attuned to each other. We take care of the knowledge transfer internally, so that everyone is aware of the ins and outs of your project. So you don't have to play the manager, but we can immediately move on to the contents of the job. In addition, you can compose the team exactly in such a way that it matches your wishes. And that's great, because you obviously don't want to pay for expertise that you already have in-house. So do you mainly need backend architects, frontend fanatics, are you looking for a Docker specialist an Agile project manager or rather a DevOps Engineer? No problem, we'll add what you're still missing and leave out what you don't need.

Hire a Full Stack developer

Whitepaper: The challenges of software outsourcing

When you’ve decided you want to hire a development team for your bespoke software, you will be faced with a mountain of options. You’ll probably have a lot of questions like: How do I find a party with expertise without paying too much? Do I prefer fast programmers or am I looking for quality? And how do you actually assess the quality of a developer? Especially with software that is essential for your business processes, a wrong choice can cause a lot of headache; like extra costs, safety risks and/or quality problems. Picking a reliable developer is therefore not an easy task. We wrote a whitepaper (in Dutch) in which we list different options of software outsourcing. It’s filled with various advantages and disadvantages of all of these options to help you prevent (costly) mistakes. This way you can always make a responsible choice for the outsourcing (or not) of your software project.

Download the do's en don'ts of development outsourcing

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Our technologies

If you work with a certain framework or specific technology, you are (of course) looking for a developer who has knowledge and experience in that area. Our team includes Ruby on Rails developers, React fanatics (especially ask for Martijn) and various TypeScript artists. Because technology is always evolving and we like to keep learning, this list is never finished or complete.

Our favorite tools:

What we did for others

Our portfolio contains plenty of examples of cases where we have added value as a fully-fledged IT partner.

One of the companies we have assisted with our development team over the years is Recharge.com. Recharge.com is the textbook example of a scale-up in the field of high traffic ecommerce, which grew faster than its own team could cope with. Together we looked for the areas of expertise that were underrepresented in-house, so that we can form a valuable addition. For example, we are specialized in DevOps and we know a lot about rolling out web applications. Combine that with our experience in the field of performance and we have everything in-house to work together on a high-traffic application. Recharge keeps coming back to us, because they are very satisfied with what we deliver, but also with the way we work.

FinTech company Recharge.com sells online credits such as calling credit, prepaid credit cards, gift cards, etc. They are active in 150 different countries with a wide array of payment methods.
FinTech company Recharge.com sells online credits such as calling credit, prepaid credit cards, gift cards, etc. They are active in 150 different countries with a wide array of payment methods.

How 10KB can empower your team

Co-sourcing from frontend to backend and everything in between

From Nijmegen, we are ready for you with a team of passionate full stack developers. UI/UX designers, frontend developers, backend developers or DevOps Engineers? Search no further; we have it all. In recent years we have worked on various projects in various industries. Because we have worked in all those different industries, we can do more than just writing software. We know the pitfalls, challenges and opportunities in various markets and are happy to bring that knowledge to your project. We have enough knowledge and experience to develop creative solutions for the most diverse questions.

Do you quickly want to increase your development capacity?

Whether it concerns a Docker specialist, backend Architect or DevOps Engineer: we have it all. Feel free to make an appointment for an introduction!