Maintenance, further development and support

Software is never finished. We make sure your application grows with you, your users and the rest of the world.

In a world of change

The technologies of today differ from the technologies of yesterday, just like the technologies of tomorrow behold new possibilities. But not only technologies change; also the wishes of users develop. And what about your organisation? Pretty sure that it’s evolving as well. To keep up with these developments, it’s important to maintain a critical attitude towards your product. Even after the release of it.

Valuable goods require maintenance

Your web application is like your car; both need regular maintenance to keep them functioning optimally. And for both counts you’d rather fix some small things, then neglect defects for ages until the motor needs to be replaced. Not only can we make your software fast, we can keep it fast as well. We host your application and keep your product up to date. And in case there are some unforeseen difficulties, we fix these instantly, of course.

Our methods

To adjust to the constant innovation and improvements of these times, you have to be aware of the latest developments. That why we embrace tools like Elixir/Phoenix and Vue.js. But having the expertise is not enough, you have to be capable to bring it into operation effectively. Automated tests in combination with the use of a reliable version control system, enables us to do this. If we replace a technology in your application, we can guarantee the new technology is at least as good as the old one. Besides, adjustments can be made very quickly without you or your users even noticing.

Further development

To compete, you have to innovate. We’re not only available for the maintenance of your digital product, but also if you want bigger, better or more. No problem if your application initially was not built by us. To make the process of further development easy peasy we work with a DTAP-street. DTAP makes sure that for every phase of the process (Development, Testing, Acceptance, Production) there is a version available. Without diving deep into the details: we can work in the development environment on new features while the latest accepted version still runs in the production environment. In this way we can almost unnoticed work on improvements, while your application is still available for your users.

Our experience

We think it's cool to refurbish existing software in such a way that it is ready for the future. One of the companies where we have done just that is SGI Compliance. SGI Compliance had a great piece of software in the form of 'Werkplanner'. During the past ten years, it had been developed by various freelancers. SGI Compliance wanted to professionalize the development of Werkplanner and started looking for a permanent IT partner to do so. By looking at the wishes for the future and helping them with some consultancy, we are now working on a wonderful application that can be used for much more than the original purpose.

Outsource support?

Do you no longer want to worry about the stability and future of your software? We are happy to take on support. Contact us for the possibilities!