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Whether it concerns software for a new portal, an adjustment to an existing platform, the development of a calculation tool or a custom mobile app: developing web applications is our forte.

What is a web application?

A web application is a piece of tailor-made software that runs entirely on the web. This means that the software can be accessed from any device, as long as you are connected to the internet. Unlike with a desktop application or app, you don't need to download any software to use a web application. So no inconvenience with updates for the end user to keep the software up to date; this all happens automatically without anyone noticing. No downloads, no updates, no hassle.

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The difference between a webapplication and a mobile app

When you hear the word "application", most people think of mobile apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. These apps must first be downloaded by users before they can use them and accessing them with a PC is often not possible. With web applications, anyone with internet access has direct access to the software - whatever device they are on - and updates are not something that the end user notices. You can best compare it with Facebook's website vs. the Facebook app. Both have nearly the same functionalities, with each their own advantages and disadvantages.

Maybe Ronald and Roland work together on your next project!
Maybe Ronald and Roland work together on your next project!

When do you need a web application?

A basic website (like this one) mainly consists of blocks of text with a couple of images or videos. As soon as there is a need for interactivity with the user, higher demands are often placed on such a website. For example: users must be able to log in, different users must have different rights or a webshop must contain extensive product comparison filters. All of this should communicate seamlessly with an underlying database and all within milliseconds. This interactivity almost always requires customization. A tailor-made web application will exactly meet the requirements of your business processes.

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What uses are there?

The sky is the limit

The possibilities of web applications are endless; whether you want to build a knowledge platform for your customers, automate very complex business processes or need planning software. By combining techniques and functionalities, a whole new concept can even arise. By thinking carefully in advance about the functionalities that an application should have in the long term, you create future-proof software that is robust enough to take a beating.

Different types of web applications:

  • Portal
  • Platform
  • Intelligent search function
  • E-commerce
  • Calculation or comparison tool
  • elearning platform
  • CMS (Content Management System)

What should you keep in mind with custom software?

You may already know exactly what your final software product should look like, but especially if you don't know that yet, it is useful to make an inventory of your requirements and expectations. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. In which business processes will your future web application be involved?
  2. Approximately how many people will use the application?
  3. What functionalities should your web application contain?
  4. How important are factors like speed and security?

All these subjects play a role in custom application development and the better you know in advance what requirements your application must meet, the more specific we can get to work.

Whitepaper: The challenges of software outsourcing

When you’ve decided that a bespoke web application is the way to go for your specific challenge, you will be faced with a mountain of options. You’ll probably have a lot of questions like: Should we go with in house development or are we hiring an external agency? How do I find a party with expertise without paying too much? Do I prefer fast programmers or am I looking for quality? And how do you actually assess the quality of a developer? Especially with software that is essential for your business processes, a wrong choice can cause a lot of headache; like extra costs, safety risks and/or quality problems. Picking a reliable developer is therefore not an easy task. We wrote a whitepaper (in Dutch) in which we list different options of software outsourcing. It’s filled with various advantages and disadvantages of all of these options to help you prevent (costly) mistakes. This way you can always make a responsible choice for the outsourcing (or not) of your software project.

Download the do's en don'ts of development outsourcing

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Our experience

In our portfolio you'll find plenty of cases where we added value with the software we developed for our clients. Below you'll find two examples that have a few things in common. Both systems contain all kinds of integrated and automated functionalities, everything in one interface. Because no matter how complicated a system is, it must always remain user-friendly.

For example, we helped SGI compliance with the expansion of an existing web application. By thinking about the future and tinkering with the basics, this application can now be used for multiple markets. This way the same software yields them double the results!

Werkplanner is a powerful management tool for asbestos remediation. More than 700 people work with it daily
Werkplanner is a powerful management tool for asbestos remediation. More than 700 people work with it daily
Smartfile is an all-in-1 software package for physiotherapists with functionalities such as organising patient files, appointment management and accountancy.
Smartfile is an all-in-1 software package for physiotherapists with functionalities such as organising patient files, appointment management and accountancy.

Another example is the case of Smartfile. If you work with patient data like Smartfile does, the security of that software is extremely important. By thinking carefully about the way of programming, we know how to guarantee privacy with a web application.

The tools that help us get the job done

What we at 10KB are all about is that we develop software that adds value

We build great software where you can be successful with. Online applications that are innovative, without compromising on quality or security. We do this by using those technologies that can meet all the demands of the latest trends. In addition, we have set up our working environment in such a way that we can respond to the latest developments and avoid unpleasant surprises. Want to know more about our TechStack?

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