AGILE & SCRUM: how it works

Developing software requires a flexible approach. How do you create a product that meets all the requirements, in a short amount of time?

Every plan is different

You’re going to build a house. You create a plan, you buy the necessary materials and you hire some professionals. If you’re lucky, your house is finished within a few months. But once your house is build, you notice you’d rather had four small window dormers, instead of two big ones. And looking at it, perhaps a different kitchen floor would have been better. Unfortunately, the house is completed and making adjustments will cost you a lot of money. Building software is, luckily, a completely different story - if you use the right method.

SCRUM: developing in sprints

We operate according to the AGILE development method SCRUM. Instead of planning a project from A to Z before the start of the project, we split the project in short periods of time, usually a couple of weeks. In these sprints we constantly deliver new results. At the end of every sprint we take a critical look, in close cooperation with you, at these functionalities. What are the difficulties we face and how can we perfect the user-friendliness? In this way we work in an iterative process towards a web application that makes you happy.

The AGILE development method SCRUM provides insight into which sprints we need to complete for a perfect end result
The AGILE development method SCRUM provides insight into which sprints we need to complete for a perfect end result

Flexibility and a solution-oriented approach

A big advantage of this method is that it allows us to anticipate changes. Does something work out differently in practice than we thought beforehand? Do we find a better solution along the way? No problem. SCRUM ensures we notice these things in time and enables us to act on it. In addition, SCRUM provides a well structured and transparent work flow. For every sprint we decide what the priorities are and who is going to take care of what. Everyday we give each other feedback about what we’re doing and how that is going, to make sure we keep moving in the same direction.

Want to go live fast? No problem!

Our working method delivers results. And we’re not only talking about a high qualitative product. Since we start working from day one on a functioning web application, we can show you results very early in the proces. Therefore it is an option to work towards an Minimum Viable Product (MVP). A MVP is an online application that obtains all the basic functions of the final product. This allows us to go live with a prototype in a very early stadium. From this first version we can subsequently expand towards a complete application.

Want to work with AGILE developers?

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