Inxxx Vastgoedbeheer: Homeowner Association-software with possibilities

Managing a Homeowner Association means a lot of administration. With the management of several HOA’s comes only more paperwork. You can try to structure this with Excel, but there are other solutions available.

  • Bauke

Bauke worked on this project

On behalf of Inxxx Real Estate Management, we started building a web application that would make managing a HOA a lot easier called 'LiVvE'. We’ve developed a customized web based application that meets the demands that come with HOA management, including a complete double-entry accounting system with character recognition for scanned documents. And not just for one HOA, no, we’ve built an online application that can manage the accounts of hundreds of HOA’s at the same time.

A versatile web application

To build such an application, you have to know how the accounting of a HOA works. So we’ve dived into all the processes concerning HOA management, but also thought about which persons are involved and what they expect of the application. LiVvE is not only an internal application for Inxxx Real Estate Management, but also the portal for all the HOA-members. This meant we had to consider various levels of rights associated with different functions, but also consider the fact that some property investors own more than one accommodation and therefore are involved in several HOA’s.

Overview and automated processes

LiVvE is HOA-software with which you can keep an overview on various levels. Not only Inxxx Real Estate Management has an overview over the different HOA’s, also the managers see at a glance what the tasks are that still have to be carried out, spread over several HOA’s. Furthermore all necessary functions for management and communication are completely automated and integrated in one interface. Things like repetitive member contributions, reminders, depreciations and the transmission of reserves, don’t have to be done manually.

Can it be any easier?

Sure! Something that doesn’t has to be done manually either, is the addition of documents to the administration. With character recognition, scanned documents are indexed automatically on supplier, invoice amount, invoice date, and to which HOA the file belongs. Pretty nice when you’re dealing with a large amount of documents. Add up the integrated functionalities like membership administration, damage claims, meeting and document management, and you’ve got an excellent HOA-management system.

Want to know more?

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