Campingfinder: the easy way to plan your trip

Do you ever go camping or do you ever stay at a cottage? Yes? Well, then you know you can get a little overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Planning your vacation should be fun

How to find your perfect accommodation is this jungle of options? What you need is a website that is able to compare various offers on location, facilities and price. And once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you want to be able to book with just one click. This is exactly what we’ve built for the startup Campingfinder.

Great idea, but how?

Comparing prices might sound simple, but think about it: you have day prices, weekend prices, early bird discounts, additional costs for kids, extra tents or cars, reservation fees, tourist taxes and so on. We got into all these kind of pricing structures and built a prototype that was able to compute prices accurately yet fast. After all, there has to be showed tens of results at the same time. PostgreSQL was essential to do this.

Fine-tuning towards the finish

As it often goes with the realisation of new product, we had to refine the product once the prototype was built. It all started with this idea, and in a iterative process of short sprints we formed a more concrete picture of the desired product. Along the road we made adjustments, we added extensions and then there the MVP: the first version that was ready to be used and tested. Rested only the optimization of the application, and the design of course, that was been done by a graphic designer.

A web application that has it all

And then there it was: the Campingfinder. A booking platform for campings and cottages, that is not only able to search fast and thoroughly through a lot of data, but really took into account the wishes of the user as well. You can see this in the streamlined payment process with integration of iDeal and credit card payments. Or in the fact that the user receives an email with a complete calculation of his booking when he makes a reservation. And what about a live chat? Check! Nowadays, Campingfinder is called Campsy, as it was bought by Rocket Internet in 2016.

Used technologies PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails Angular.js